Warren G's "Regulate" Robbery Was Set Up By The Lightskin Girl In Aaron Hall's "I Miss You" Video

MCA screenshot
MCA screenshot

Friday, Panama asked did Warren G get robbed by his homies on “Regulate”? The answer is yes, but there’s a little-known backstory behind the jacking:

Charmane Charwood, Aaron Hall’s fiancée in the “I Miss You” video, orchestrated the robbery.
Charmane Charwood faked her own death to become one of the skirts in “Regulate”.
Charmane Charwood is the original Gone Girl.


You haven’t watched the “I Miss You” video since ’95, ha? You don’t like it cause it make you cry, ha? You ain’t even notice we don’t actually see her in the casket, did you, ha? Charmane > Amazing Amy.

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Let’s revisit. Pay attention. Don’t fall for the lies. Give Aaron props for the original Jesus Piece.

A year later, she’s in Long Beach. Looking so hard she straight hit the curb.

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You see the smug look in the bottom pic? That’s the look of lightskin sadistic satisfaction. She was a distraction juuuuuuuust long enough to give Nate Dogg pause while his bestie broke himself.


Now you may wonder how Charmane benefited from Warren G’s robbery? And why would she still proceed to the Eastside Motel after Nate Dogg went onto bigger, better things than some horny tricks and best pulled out his strap and laid them busters down?

Well, that’s the point. It was all a hit on one of Warren G’s homies THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!

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Look how happy she is while Nate Dogg’s gat explodes! Heh.

So what happened next, you ask?

The next year she grew her hair out and began her singing career under a new identity… Tamia. Google Grant Hill injuries.

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Thanks to Panama I am still realizing how f*cked up of a song Regulate is and how the lyrics describe one horribly forgettable evening that those involved should never, ever speak of for the rest of the days on this here earth. I will continue my analysis by dissecting the following lyrics sang by Nate Dogg:

"just like I thought they were in the same spot in need of some desperate heeeeelllllllppp, but Nate Dogg and the G child were in need of somethinnnnnnn'


So, after witnessing a multiple homicide these women probably feared for their lives and needed immediate assistance due to realizing their lives may be in immediate and grave danger. The lyric even said they were in need of desperate help. Not regular need, but desperate, "oh ish I might die tonight" need for help. But ole boy Nate decides that he and Warren's need for physical gratification far outranks the women's need for immediate assistance and a feeling of safety. Because misogny. Since Nate was likely still riding the adrenaline high from murdering a group of young men in cold blood, he was probably still a little detached from reality.

Now onto the second part of his sociopathic lyric:

'One of them dames was sexy as hell, i said, "oooh i like yo size." She said, "my car is broke down and you seem real nice (really?!?) would you let me ride." I got a car full of girls and it's goin real swell, the next stop is the eastsiiiiide motellllllll.'

So, at this point these women are scared and exhausted, and probably just want to see about getting their car towed/fixed and getting home, but Nate Cosby has other plans and instead takes over to a seedy/sketchy lodging place, probably on some Christian Bale in the movie 'Psycho' type ish. My perception of this song is now forever changed.

BTW, Damon, Panama you guys should totally do a series of posts where you revisit and re-analyze popular songs, movies, trends, etc from the 90s and explain how they would not go over today. You could title it, "Why the 90s was kinda f*cked up, part…"

Ok clearly I've thought too much on this topic and need to head to bed.