Warrant Issued for ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch

Ethan Couch

A warrant has been issued for Ethan Couch, the "affluenza"-afflicted teen who is serving probation after killing four people in a drunk-driving crash two years ago, WFAA reports

According to the station, Couch, 18, missed a check-in with his probation officer earlier this month, and court officers were unable to locate him or his mother. Couch's father claimed that he did not know where they were. 


The teen is still in the middle of his 10-year probation in the juvenile system, where his records are sealed. Couch got off with a slap on the wrist after lawyers argued that he was a rich kid who had faced no boundaries or consequences before the deadly crash.

This isn't the first time Couch's name has been brought up since the deadly crash. Earlier this month, video footage surfaced on Twitter that appeared to show him watching and laughing at a party where beer pong was being played. 

Prosecutors have already filed a motion to transfer Couch, who will turn 19 in April, to adult court to finish his probation, but a hearing has not yet been held regarding that matter. 

Couch's lawyers released a statement following the inability of the probation officer to reach their client:

We have recently learned that, for the last several days, the juvenile probation officer has been unable to make contact with Ethan or his mother with whom he has been residing. It is our understanding that the Court has issued a directive to apprehend to have Ethan detained because he is out of contact with his probation officer. We do not have any further information concerning this situation. Accordingly, it would not be appropriate for us to publicly discuss this matter further at this time.


Read more at WFAA.

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