Want to Know What's New and Black on Netflix in September 2020? Let's Set It Off!

Set It Off (1996)
Set It Off (1996)
Photo: New Line Cinema

The soulfully crooning ladies on “Missing You” sang “I’ll find a way to get tha-rouuuuugh!” and I feel like that’s a big mood for 2020.


Speaking of that song, it’s on the soundtrack for one of the films on Netflix in September! This is a great jumping-off point to start the list…

First up, Set It Off. This film holds a very special place in my heart as I watched it over and over with my younger cousin at my late aunt’s house when I visited. I can’t wait to rewatch this on Netflix and rehash a years-long argument: Should the ladies have given T.T. (Kimberly Elise) a cut of the money even though she didn’t participate in that particular bank heist that day? She needed that money! But, do you think she should’ve gotten it? Either way, the film is now on Netflix.

We already gave y’all a preview of the 1990s/2000s content that’s coming to Netflix, but this month is dedicated to Sister, Sister (Seasons 1-6 on Sept. 1), and Girlfriends (Seasons 1-8 on Sept. 11). Also coming at the top of the month are Barbershop, Menace II Society, Anaconda, Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices, Lakeview Terrace and Glory (get out your tissues for the latter, but do realize all your tears won’t beat Denzel Washington’s single tear).

Greenleaf fans can rejoice because Season 5 of the series will be on Netflix starting Sept. 10.

You see what I see? There’s a TV show called Country-ish and if you’re thinking what I’m thinking—you’re wrong! This is not a Kenya Barris Universe (KBU) spinoff show, it’s actually a reality series following country artist Coffey Anderson and it drops on Sept. 25.

Another unfamiliar title I see is A Love Song for Latasha, which is a documentary about the killing of 15-year-old Latasha Harris, which became a “flashpoint” for the 1992 uprising in Los Angeles. Netflix docs tend to be top-notch so I look forward to watching this when it premieres on Sept. 21.


There’s so much more! The full September line-up is below:


I’ll see y’all in October (teaser: that blog may or may not be pumpkin-flavored).

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Sister, Sister AND Girlfriends?! My little, gay cup overfloweth.