Want to Be Thin? Live Downtown

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The results of a new study from Boston University’s School of Medicine show that African-American women who live in densely populated urban areas maintain healthier weights than those in suburban or rural environments.

The six-year study focused on nearly 18,000 women who lived in and around New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The women who lived in dense urban areas gained less weight and were less likely to become obese over the course of the study those who lived in more sprawling neighborhoods.

But this doesn’t mean you actually have to run out and buy a hot (and expensive) downtown high-rise condo above a Starbucks to be thin. According to the researchers, the results can be explained in part by the fact that the women who lived in denser areas simply did more walking than their counterparts in the 'burbs.


So if you'd rather not reside in the middle of all the action, throw on your cross-trainers and do a few laps around the subdivision, and you should be able to stay as fit as your city-living counterparts.

Read more at e! Science News.

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