Minneapolis skyline (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

With America's unemployment rate at 7.6 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its lineup of metropolitan areas with low unemployment rates β€” and coming in at No. 1 is Minneapolis.

Slate reports that because of its general low cost of living and high wages, Minneapolis is a great place to move if you're out of work and need to live cost-effectively. However, if big-city life isn't for you, you can branch off to smaller surrounding metropolitan areas that offer the same benefits as Minneapolis.

If you expand the sample to include small metropolitan areas you can get even lower unemployment rates, though generally they're in places (Bismarck, Fargo, Iowa City, Sioux Falls, Amex, Burlington, Grand Forks, Lincoln, Billings, Casper) that are also cold. The exception is the Midland, Texas metro area with an unemployment rate of 3.4 percent, and anΒ average January high of 61 degrees.

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