Wanna Get Married? Get a Degree and a Job


Clutch magazine's Danielle C. Belton reviews recent studies that suggest a practical way to increase your odds of finding and keeping a spouse.

Marriage advice! Don't you just love it? (Not really.) But don't you just love being told that you're too fat, old, unattractive, bad in bed, corny, angry, bitter, skanky, virginal, black, or female to love? Because that's what society would like you to believe. But there's something that just doesn't add up …

Now adding to the list of things that are better if you are flush with cash (like food, housing, clothing and transportation), you can now add "wedded bliss" to the list. But even if you aren't rolling in the dough (just yet), another key indicator to if you'll ever tie the knot is your education level. People who finish college are more likely to have successful marriages — no matter the race …

So what can bring you love might not have anything to do with how great you hair looks right now or what great maternal skills you have or if you're a guy who's a "traditionalist." Whether or not you stay together forever or watch your relationships die in a fire of scorched Earth glory may come down to brain and pocketbook power.


Read Danielle C. Belton's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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