Waitress in Mexico Writes N-Word on Texas Woman’s Bill

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Screenshot: WTRK-TV

Some Houston residents were just trying to have a good time at a resort in Mexico but instead were faced with the n-word.


The crew went to the Be Telum resort to relax and kick back, but instead, the opposite happened, which led them to return early from the vacation, WTRK-TV reports.

Tiffani Janelle, a chef from Houston, said that when she was handed her bill from lunch over the weekend, the n-word was written on it.

Upon receiving the bill, the upset group of friends immediately requested a manager.

“Being in a country where, in this country, in America, they’re considered minorities as well, it was just kind of a flabbergasting experience,” Janelle said. “We’re just like, ‘No, you need to understand why this is so bad. This is, like, the worst.”

The manager said that the waitress made a mistake (what a surprise). A resort representative added that the waitress was still fairly new and had only been working there three weeks. Nonetheless, the waitress was terminated.

Janelle went on to say that this wasn’t a mistake because they were the only black people at the restaurant. “We were the only black people present,” she said. “It wasn’t an accident. It was not a mistake. It was most intentional.”


After all that, the group left Be Telum, were refunded for their entire stay and also invited back.

Janelle responded, “No thanks.”



She was “new”

New to being a human who somehow knew how to get a job, how to work, and how to write in English so well that she’d already learned how to write the n-word.

Yeah, no. I hope your soccer team does well Mexico but ya’ll need to fix your racism against us. Especially since we’re up north fighting for ya’ll rights...