Wait a Minute...Princess Love Filed for Divorce From Ray J

Ray J and Princess Love attend GQ and Chance The Rapper Celebrate the Grammys in Partnership with YouTube on February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.
Ray J and Princess Love attend GQ and Chance The Rapper Celebrate the Grammys in Partnership with YouTube on February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.
Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for GQ)

Apparently, Princess Love hit it first…as in, she hit up the court to file the divorce papers, that is.


According to TMZ, after nearly 4 years of marriage with the “One Wish” singer, Princess filed for divorce at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday.

The couple reportedly got into a fight in Vegas back in November, which had a significant impact on their marriage. Princess claimed Ray J “stranded” her and their daughter Melody while she was pregnant with their son, Epik, who she gave birth to that following January.

TMZ continued with the scoop:

Princess stopped wearing her wedding ring after the Vegas incident—Ray J briefly stopped wearing his—and she threatened divorce...but nothing came of it until this week when she finally pulled the trigger.

TMZ also posted a clip from Princess’ Instagram Live session where she recounted what happened right after the Vegas incident, noting that once she expressed she wanted to go ahead with a separation, Ray J exclaimed, “not before I file first!”

In another clip obtained by TMZ, Ray J denied the claim that he left Princess and Melody stranded, pointing to the room they had at Skylofts in Las Vegas.


“The devil’s working, but he isn’t working hard enough and he’ll never work hard enough,” Ray J said at the time.


Ray J and Princess have a reputation for their volatile relationship—I mean, he threw her in a pool on national television during an argument when they were dating. The couple has reportedly been living separately since February, and recently debuted the first episode of their Zeus Network show, The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love on April 25.

The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love / The Zeus Network (YouTube)

Will this result in yet another Love & Hip Hop spinoff show in the dramatic franchise—perhaps, Love & Hip Hop: Marriage Counseling edition? Will Ray J hop on the remix to Brandy’s “Baby Mama?” The possibilities are endless.


The Root has reached out to Ray J’s team for comment.

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Best part of that long ass preview was Ray J admitting that he’s ashy.

Marry ashy kneegrows, get ashy kneegrow behavior.

Anyone else think that trying to do a marriage counseling conversation without a marriage counselor is just setting yourself up for drama?  They could have at least asked Iyala to fix their lives...