Vote: Who Killed Sam on HTGAWM?


On Thursday night the head-spinning, gut-twisting plot shenanigans of the craziest law firm we’ve ever seen will finally come to a climax. How to Get Away With Murder is capping its winter finale with the revelation of “Who Killed Sam.” He’s Annalise Keating’s can’t-keep-it-in-his-pants, coed-loving and very dead spouse.

And with the end of this hair-raising fall season, Annalise, Viola Davis’ character, can finally give the wigs a much-needed rest.


But before the drama unfolds, we’re giving you a chance to tell us who you think bludgeoned Sam into that creepy death stare.

Is it Bonnie, the mousy blond associate who has loved Sam from afar but who feels betrayed by his affair with a student? Could it be Wes, the boy-next-door, golly-gee law student who has somehow become her confidant and privy to all of Annalise’s family dirt? How about Rebecca, the drug-dealing Goth who has been charged and looks mighty guilty showering off all that blood? What about Annalise herself? We’re not saying she did it, but we would understand.

Your turn:

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