Vivian Green Sings of Love's Many Hues

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(The Root) — Vivian Green, the soulful artist behind tearjerking ballads like "Emotional Rollercoaster" and "Gotta Go, Gotta Leave," is set to release her fourth studio album, titled The Green Room.

Though she may have been defined as an impassioned crooner in previous iterations of her love story, Green has evolved and, by her own admission, made a conscious move toward the lighthearted, happier side of love. This Green is infatuated, as she proves in her first single, "Anything Out There," in which she proclaims her love for her man. Or she's empowered, as she expresses in the song "X," in which she kicks her boyfriend to the curb. But she's never sad: "I'm Not Prepared" urges listeners to "let the dancing begin."


And longtime fans won't be disappointed by Green's evolution in these 12 tracks; even though the message has shifted, her sweet, soulful melodies remain.

Watch the music video for Green's single "Anything Out There" below.

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