Barclays and Brooklyn: Jay-Z vs. Neighborhood

Battle for Brooklyn

(The Root) — Filmmakers Suki Hawley, Michael Galinsky and others delve into the land wars of New York's quickest changing landscape, Brooklyn, in their latest documentary, Battle for Brooklyn. The film focuses on the efforts of activist Daniel Goldstein to stop the demolition of his apartment and neighborhood to make way for the gargantuan Atlantic Yards project, of which Jay-Z's beloved and almost-open Barclays Center is a part.

For more than half a decade, Goldstein fought developers and the city to keep his sacred Brooklyn abode intact, but a passionate and prideful fight would end up to be little competition against multimillion-dollar businesses, New York City and a gregarious lot of PR mavens.


For Brooklynites, Battle for Brooklyn represents a long battle of old versus new in the swiftly evolving borough. And for any viewer, the documentary unravels a compelling story and argument for how change can often alienate.

Battle for Brooklyn is now playing. 

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