Viral Video Shows Black Man Slapping White Woman for Calling Him the N-Word

Kid Dynamite via YouTube screenshot
Kid Dynamite via YouTube screenshot

A viral YouTube clip has sparked furious debate for appearing to show a black man slapping a woman’s eyeball out of her head for repeatedly calling him the n-word.


The 55-second clip opens with a black man and a white woman already engaged in a heated argument. “Don’t put your hand in my face; that’s all I’m trying to tell you,” the man warns the woman while apparently engaged in a conversation on his cellphone.

“They said to me, ‘Mrs. Kelly, you’re not allowed to touch no one,’” the woman interrupts, as other passengers look on. After the man chastises her for “all the other shit you was talking on that bus,” the woman interjects again, telling him, “I don’t care, nigger!”

Although it is impossible to ascertain the race of the woman, she appears to be white because—despite the fact that her speech sounds slightly slurred—she enunciates the n-word clearly, with the hard “r” used in Ku Klux Klan-rally speeches, Mark Twain novels and private Caucasian conversations when people of color aren’t present.

The unnamed male dares her to say the word again, and the woman, either out of racism or the kindness of her benevolent heart, informs the gentleman, “You’re missing your stop, nigger.” She then breaks into evil laughter reminiscent of a villain in a James Bond film, while the guy begs the driver to open the door.

Through her laughter, the woman—again, as decorum and manners dictate—bids her eventual assaulter adieu, yelling “Goodbye, nigger” in between her deep chortles.

As the vehicle slows to a stop, the man reaches over toward the still-laughing woman and slaps her before exiting the bus. The stunned woman holds her face and asks the driver to call the police. While holding something in her hand, she laments, “He knocked my eyeball out.”


The video has gained over 3 million views since it was uploaded to Facebook, according to the Daily Mail, and has garnered a variety of responses on social media.

“He committed assault and battery. He should be charged and jailed,”said one YouTube commenter. Another said, “Before he slapped her, he was a black man. After he slapped her, he proved to be what she called him. Encouraging the most violence-prone demographic in America, black men, to use violence in response to words is the height of stupidity and will land black men in jail. It’s illegal to use violence in any situation except self-defense.”


While many debated the still-unidentified man’s actions, most people agreed that there is no excuse for a man hitting a woman.

No one has confirmed whether man has been arrested or if the woman ever managed to reinsert her eyeball.

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Tomi Marchant

This is what white people do, everyday in large and small ways to PoC. They antagonize and antagonize and antagonize you, it gives them a sense of false worth to feel better than. It’s their whole persona, being “better than”. “I may be poor, but at least I ain’t a nigger!” White people are fully aware of the microaggresions they dole out and how it bothers us so. It’s their last hill to die on. Problem is we can only take so much of the fucking emotional abuse before those emotions erupt.

And then they can point and claim “HAHA, see, just another aggressive, violent NIGGER! I knew it all along!” Ignoring the fact that our actions were the direct consequence of their antagonizations. They use these verbal abuses to chide us into physical altercations so that they can hide behind the “law”, and then we are the only ones who get in trouble. This is a tale as old as fucking time in this county. You can see this at any level of class, job, and age from little kids up to even becoming the fucking president of the United States.