Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo Deletes Twitter Account After Users Find History of Offensive Tweets

Donte DiVincenzo, No. 10, of the Villanova Wildcats reacts during the second half against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament East Regional at TD Garden on March 25, 2018, in Boston.
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Donte DiVincenzo is proof that one day you’re the windshield and the next day you’re the bug. On Monday, DiVincenzo, aka the “the Michael Jordan of Delaware,” rose from Villanova’s bench to drop a career-high 31 points in their NCAA championship victory over Michigan.

It was a moment basketball dreams are made of, until Twitter users started on their Twitterlock Holmes shit to unearth ancient tweets on DiVincenzo’s account from long before he became a household name.


The Twitter users found that DiVincenzo, like most Americans, was an asshole high schooler who posted offensive shit on Twitter because that’s what kids in high school do. Does that make it right? Of course not. DiVincenzo’s biggest mistake was forgetting to delete this account, which he hasn’t used since June 2, 2016.

No one said that DiVincenzo didn’t use his limited time on Twitter wisely; while the account has since been taken down, the good folks over at Total Pro Sports took a moment to capture DiVincenzo’s thoughtful tweets before they disappeared:

“My name is Donte and I’m a flaming homosexual that likes fingers in my butthole!”

And I believe that it was Descartes who originally said, “I like it when girls lick my butthole...It’s a life changing feeling.” Wait, nope—that was also a DiVincenzo tweet.

He did have one tweet that foreshadowed his performance in the NCAA championship game, which also happened to be a Meek Mill lyric: “Ballin’ on you niggas like I’m Derrick Rose.”


Now, this tweet was just wrong on so many levels. One, Derrick Rose isn’t that good anymore, so to imply that one is, in fact, “ballin’ like Derrick Rose” would need to be quantified with a date stamp. Also, DiVincenzo is a white guy who should’ve known better than to drop the n-word on Twitter.

A reporter questioned DiVincenzo about his Twitter account sometime last year, according to Yahoo! Sports. And while DiVincenzo acknowledged that the account was his, he also added that he didn’t have a Twitter account anymore, which makes his claim that his account was hacked a little bit more believable.


Oh, you didn’t see the “My account was hacked” defense coming? Villanova did, in fact, issue a statement noting that the account was hacked before taking it down.

“Unfortunately a Twitter account belonging to Donte DiVincenzo was hacked tonight,” the “official statement” read, Yahoo! Sports reports. “None of the statements attributed to Donte are his—he has not used the account for months. The account has been deactivated. Please disregard any of these false tweets.”


Hours later, the official statement tweet was taken down, probably after Villanova realized that the statement they released didn’t explain any of the tweets DiVincenzo made years ago.

They haven’t released another statement, but I’m sure incoming players will have their social media accounts thoroughly investigated before going into a national championship game.

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