"Yup. I'm a Racist" T-shirts were on sale at a July 3 Tea Party event in Lexington, Ky., with the intentionally provocative phrase on the front and a list of things that have nothing to do with perceptions of racism within the group (like, "I support Jesus Christ as my savior") on the back. In this video, a vendor attempts to explain the irony.

If it takes that much explaining, maybe it's not funny?

As Mediaite points out, there was actually an opportunity for cleverly challenging the group's bad reputation here (perhaps "Because some knuckleheads dressed the president as a witch doctor," or "Because most of us are white … just like a Code Pink rally"). But it seems the Tea Party isn't any stronger on humor than it is on inclusiveness.


Read more at Mediaite.

In other news: GOP Rep. Tim Scott Suggests Impeachment for Obama Over Debt Limit.


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