Not safe for work (NSFW); not suitable for under age 17.

It is Aug. 24, 2011, and there is still no sighting of the animated series Black Dynamite. The cult film featuring Michael Jai White as the jive-talking, karate-chopping, butt-kicking private dick was supposed to resurface in animated form as part of the Cartoon Network's hit Adult Swim lineup.

The pilot is available on the website, but the series, which was supposed to debut this month, has yet to be added to the television schedule. This was one of the most anticipated animated series of the year, and it was set to debut this month. August is almost over, so where is it? It is bad enough that The Boondocks animated series is gone for those of us who are anime/adult cartoon/comic book/comic strip/Adult Swim fans, which is why we are wondering, "Where is Black Dynamite?"

In other news: Body of Roswell Friend Found in Delaware River.