Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, was disqualified in the world championships over the weekend because of a false start.

Bolt broke out of the starting block early in Sunday's 100-meter final in South Korea and was disqualified from the race, providing an abrupt end to the dominance he's maintained in track's biggest event since the Beijing Olympics.

It is interesting that the only marquee player in the race was disqualified because of the "one and done" rule, which gives runners only one false start. They used to receive two false starts. This rule has led to the disqualification of high-profile players since its inception in 2010.

Oddly enough, Bolt said he was not worried about the new rule because he doesn't scratch. It looks like even the greatest can have off days and false starts. We think this rule will be going away before the next Olympics because who is going to watch track and field when marquee runners are eliminated over a controversial rule? They might want to change the rule to "one and none" — no viewers, that is.

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