VIDEO: TSA Says It Must Examine Hair That 'Poofs'

Laura Adiele was at the SeaTac Airport, on her way to Texas, when she was pulled out of the security line after having gone through the Advance Imaging system and told she needed a pat-down. Not of her body, but of her hair. Why? "The supervisor shows up and she says, 'It's our policy that we examine anything that poofs from the body,' and I'm looking around me at all these women with bigger hair, if you will, and I'm thinking, 'Why am I the only one being singled out here for poofy hair?' " Adiele told Portland News Channel 8.  

We're all about safety in the skies, but if that requires women to be targeted for hair patting based on texture and style, we're going to need the TSA to articulate a slightly more legitimate-sounding explanation — the "poofy" policy isn't going to fly.



In other news: South Sudan Becomes Independent Nation.

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