Viral video appears to show an NYPD officer punching woman during an arrest.

Crum pleaded not guilty to obstructing governmental administration, and the District Attorney decided not to charge her with assaulting an officer or resisting arrest. Activists have weighed in on the situation and say Kinsley should have better training to handle a situation like this.


From ABC 7:

“You mean to tell me a grown man more than twice her size in weight could not handle a 19-year-old female in a different manner?” said Crum’s attorney, Jaime Santana Jr.

“When did it become a tactic for crowd control to knock somebody else unconscious?” said Rev. Stephan Marshall with the National Action Network.


President of the Detectives Endowment Association Paul DiGiacomo has tried to counter the argument and say the situation was tense, considering a firearm was present in the area.

“You know, it’s nerve-wracking situation for the detective in that this person had a loaded firearm on him,” Paul DiGiacomo, President of the Detectives Endowment Association, said. “And this individual tried to obstruct and distract the detective from the person that was in possession of the illegally loaded firearm.”