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Starring the Muppet who made her first feel-good appearance in last year's "I Love My Hair," Sesame Street's new "Change the World" video pairs the age-old "You can be whatever you want to be" message with a super-catchy tune, for yet another inspirational production that's hard not to love.


The song was penned by Sesame Street head writer Joey Mazzarino, who created the popular "Hair" song for his then-5-year-old daughter, Segi.

With an equally upbeat sound, "Change the World" aims to empower kids — and girls especially — to think about career options that make a difference ("Can I be a doctor? Oh, absolutely. I can be an M.D. and help the sick become healthy … Can I be the president? Yeah, I'm positive … if in the White House I lived, I'd make an awesome chief executive. I can be anything. You know that it's true. I can be anything. Well, how 'bout you? You can be anything. Can you make this world a better world?")


Warning: While the song is for children, even adults watching risk being inspired to pursue that dream job … or at least humming the chorus all day.

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