Wendell Allen was slain during a botched drug raid at his home. (Fox 8 screenshot)
Wendell Allen was slain during a botched drug raid at his home. (Fox 8 screenshot)

Fox 8 is reporting that New Orleans law enforcement authorities have released a video that captured the shooting of an unarmed black man by police as they entered his home last year during a botched drug raid.

Former New Orleans police officer Joshua Colclough was sentenced to four years in prison last month in the shooting death of Wendell Allen in March 2012, which ignited racial tensions and calls for justice.

New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizarro says at least five Orleans and Jefferson Parish lawmen were involved in the raid of Wendell Allen's Prentiss Street home. One was wearing a pin camera that captured images of what happened that evening.

The video is shaky and the date on the video is wrong, but it's a record of the March 7, 2012 shooting of Allen …

"The officers obtained a search warrant to search the premises where Wendell Allen and two others were located," he said.

The shaky camera shows the stairs of the home, but Allen is not visible. NOPD Officer Josh Colclough was on the stairs. The DA explains what happened next.

"Wendell Allen appears from behind the partition. He appears at the top of the stairwell. Officer Colclough takes his gun and fires one shot striking Mr. Allen in the chest."

The sound of the shot on the tape is clear. "That bullet causes death," the DA tells us.


Watch the video here:

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