VIDEO: Racially Stereotyped Vagina Hand Ads

Meet "Wunder Down Under," aka "Lady Wowza," the sassy vagina hand puppet starring in the black version of Summer's Eve's new "Hail to the V" ad campaign. She scolds, "Girl, I have seen how much time you spend stylin' your hair," and even manages the wrist version of a neck roll, while encouraging the use of some Summer's Eve cleansing wash and a wipe or two "before you hit the club."

In the other commercials in the campaign, a white hand wants to be "BFFs" and nags a lot, and the one with a leopard-print thong exclaims, "Ay, yay, yay!"

We suppose that women of other ethnicities who have been denied personalized cringe-worthy commercials will have to be satisfied with the company's campaign of last year, which suggested that women who weren't advancing in their careers needed to use its products.


If only Summer's Eve made products specially designed to clean up its own embarrassing ideas before they hit our TV screens.

Read more and watch the other commercials at the Huffington Post.

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