Video of 2-Year-Old Rap Prodigy Goes Viral

Khaliyl Iloyi
Khaliyl Iloyi

Have you ever met a 2-year-old who can rap?

Well, if you haven't, let us introduce you to London's Khaliyl Iloyi and the already half a million people on YouTube who have.


Iloyi's video went viral earlier this week, catching the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who said he was so adorable that she now, uh, "wanted one."

Featured in the video with British hip-hop artist Alim Kamara, Khaliyl is dressed in a leopard-print Onesie while he raps with the rhythm and timing of a rapper 10 times his age. The child knew exactly when to stop and start his rhymes after Kamara finished his verses.

"At the age of four months, Khaliyl started showing signs of interest in music, making noises to songs that we played," his father, Femi Iloyi, told ABC News. "At around 9 months, his timing and ability was very clear."

Khaliyl's family comes from a rich musical background. His parents are part of a group called the Royal Priesthood, and his two older brothers showed signs of musical talent as early as 3 months of age.

We already have a bunch of great rappers in the United States, and Canada has a worldwide star in Drake. Will this kid become London's first worldwide rap star? Only time will tell, but we shouldn't bet against a child who can rap while he's still probably drinking milk from a bottle and wearing pampers.

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