Nearly two weeks ago, an estimated 3,000 people assembled at New York City's Battery Park with the intention of occupying Wall Street and rallying to end joblessness, stop political corruption, curb health profiteering and bring an end to wars.

Time magazine reports that the demonstrations show no signs of slowing down.

But MediaMatters notes the striking absence of mainstream news coverage of the event and wonders how things would be different if the event had a cable-news sponsor (recalling Fox News' early and enthusiastic support of the Tea Party movement).


Filmmaker Michael Moore did make it onto MSNBC'sThe Last Word to update host Lawrence O’Donnell about how things are going, saying:

This is our country. We're the majority. The majority. We're the majority. Never forget that: that the people who work for a living in this country, we are the people. Not the people up here who are taking people's pensions and their bank accounts and ruining it and destroying their lives. They are not running this country anymore. They think they are, but that's gonna come to an end right now.


Source: Mediaite.

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