An investigation is under way into a video that depicts NYPD officers "grinding" on scantily clad female parade goers at this year's West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, the Daily News Reports. A "source familiar with the paper" said that while it doesn't constitute corruption, it still "looks bad."

We tend to agree with Mediaite's Jon Bershad's "can't get worked up about this" reaction to the "incident." Sure, it wasn't the most professional moment ever. But the women started it, the officers were good sports, everyone had a laugh and it's evident that no one was harmed. (For some perspective, recall that this was the same event at which officers threw a black city councilman and legislative aide to the ground in a "misunderstanding" about whether they were permitted to access a blocked-off sidewalk.)


Quite frankly, this is just about the most positive cellphone video of law-enforcement interaction with the black community we've seen in some time. Let us know what you think.

Wild Video: NYPD Officers Grinding At Parade by Buzz60

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