VIDEO: Murdoch's Wife Slaps Pie Thrower

Rupert Murdoch’s 42-year-old wife, Wendi Murdoch, became the hero of the Twitterati during Tuesday's parliamentary hearings here when she landed an impressive strike on the assailant who hurled a foam pie at her husband in the midst of the phone hacking crisis engulfed News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch pulled the plug on the paper amid allegations that its employees hacked into the cellphones of a slain schoolgirl and the families of London terror victims.

Smart, fashionable and ambitious, Wendi Murdoch is the press lord’s third wife. Raised in eastern China, she moved to the United States 23 years ago and studied at California State University and then Yale, where she studied management, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal.


Source: the Washington Post.

Wendi may be a former volleyball player, a Yale graduate, film producer and mother, but this bold move earned her an additional title. At least according to Black Twitter, she can now add "ride or die" chick to her résumé.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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