VIDEO: Murdoch Says He 'Didn't Know' of Wrongdoings, Gets Foam Pie

Sheryl Huggins Salomon

Murdoch Denies Knowledge of Wrongdoing

Protester Interrupts Hearing With Foam Pie Attack.

Know the old saying that begins, "If his mouth is moving … "? Watch above as media baron Rupert Murdoch testifies in front of U.K. lawmakers grilling him on what he knew about phone hacking at British newspapers owned by his News Corp. empire, and then see what happens in the next video when a protester interrupts the proceedings briefly by attacking Murdoch with a foam pie.


Earlier in the hearing, Murdoch denied knowing about his employees' illegal activities, which are at the heart of a scandal that taints Scotland Yard and even the prime minister's office. After all, he says in the video above, the British newspapers accused of hacking into the voice mails of royals, celebrities, 911 victims and even a 13-year-old murder victim are "less than 1 percent" of his global media company.

In the U.S., Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are among the many properties owned by News Corp. Although those properties are not a part of the scandal, the CEO of News Corp.'s Dow Jones division — under which the Wall Street Journal falls — resigned last week because of his previous post at the helm of the disgraced News International unit across the pond.

We're still waiting for the other shoe (or maybe pie) to drop over here at The Root. We're not sure what it is, but our gut tells us it's coming.

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