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If Mike Huckabee's recent comments about the relationship between President Obama's upbringing and his foreign policy (example: "Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings, and, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas") left you speechless, Michael Eric Dyson might have just the response you were looking for.

On his show today, he chastised Huckabee for using "white-supremacist logic that is directed at [Obama] with lethal intensity, meant only to challenge his very humanity," and argued, "If, as a presidential candidate, you can't remember a simple fact such as where your opponent was born, we can't trust you with grander, greater facts that are marshaled in defense of your particular ideaology or political viewpoint. But this was not a mistake. This is part of a strategy to undermine, to dehumanize, to cast aspersions against and to altogether undermine the presidency of Barack Obama."


That's just a sample. Watch the video here:

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