Did you think Antoine Dodson's last hurrah would be as the inspiration for off-color Halloween costumes back in October? Nope. Maybe starring in a reality show? Still no.

ABC News reports that the CEO of Colorado-based marketing company NURV has recruited Dodson of the "Bed Intruder Song," "Double Rainbow Guy" Paul Vasquez and a handful of other Internet video personalities to star in a feature-film-length movie called The Chronicles of Rick Roll.

Dodson sees some unexpected depth in the project: "Basically in this one movie, you know, everyone is fighting for something," he said. "We're fighting for the Internet. … It changes lives, and we are the spoken and living witnesses."


We're not sure about the "spoken and living witnesses" bit, but we do know that Dodson's 15 minutes of fame are going by really, really slowly. The family can stay in hiding for only so long.

Read more at ABC News.

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