Harold Ford Jr. (YouTube)

In an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, Harold Ford Jr., former congressman (D-Tenn.) and current Bank of America executive vice chairman, offered President Barack Obama some economic tips.

He urged him to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying the president and the Democratic Party should look beyond it, according to Think Progress: "Ford suggested that Obama tone down his supposedly anti-business rhetoric, and instead implement policies like (a tax holiday for corporations bringing profits made overseas to the United States)."

Watch the video at Think Progress.

There is a reason Ford is a former elected official. Encouraging President Obama and his party to continue to put the needs of corporate America over the needs of voters is one of the reasons the nation is in its current state. Elected officials need to listen to voters, no matter the forum. Ford should encourage the president and his former colleagues to ignore corporate cronyism, which is just one of the problems that has nearly brought America to its knees. 

Read more at Think Progress.

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