VIDEO: GOP Candidates on Occupy Wall Street

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Last night, the candidates for the GOP nomination for president debated in Las Vegas. While the tone changed somewhat — it was, by all accounts, the feistiest exchange yet — some things didn't change. Cain stuck by his controversial comment that Occupy Wall Street protesters without jobs should blame themselves (well, either themselves or Obama — take your pick). Mediaite reports:

In one memorable moment however, it wasn't the candidates going after each other that made for a memorable quote, but one candidate standing by what many considered to be a callous comment about the popular Occupy Wall Street movement: yes, Herman Cain still thinks it's your fault you don't have a job


With the topic coming up in the debate in general, Anderson Cooper turned to Cain to ask whether he stood by comments he made earlier during the movement, when he told the protesters to "blame yourself" for being poor and not having a job. Asked whether he stood by the comments, he replied flatly, "yes," elaborating that "they ought to be in front of the White House protesting."

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