VIDEO: Firefighter Catches 6-Year-Old Dropped From Burning Building

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MSNBC is reporting that firefighters in Boston rescued at least 15 people from a six-alarm blaze in the city's Roxbury section, including a 6-year-old boy who was dropped from a third-floor window.


Herbert and Judith Lamb were forced to drop their 6-year-old grandson, Xavier, from the window of their third-floor apartment into the arms of a waiting firefighter.

"Thank God I caught him. I've never had to do that before, and I hope I never have to do it again," Boston Fire Lt. Glenn McGillivray told the Boston Globe. He said that firefighters knew Judith Lamb wouldn't be able to hold on to the child until more help arrived, so they told her to drop him. Then they used a ladder to rescue her.


Police have released the name of a suspect, who is alleged to have set the fire. Mohamed Abdul Jabar showed up at Boston Medical Center seeking treatment for burns. A preliminary investigation shows that Jabar, 28, set the fire as part of a failed suicide attempt.

How about you take yourself out and not involve other people? How does jeopardizing the lives and destroying the belongings of those in the same building aid him in his suicide? We're glad that little Xavier is safe, because that fall could have turned out much differently. Kudos to the firefighters who demonstrate what the term "first responder" really means.

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