The Chrysler ad featuring Eminem goes viral.

The much anticipated Super Bowl advertisements landed with a thud, with most people giving the ads an epic fail. Groupon's Tibet ad was panned for being insensitive. The Pepsi ad featuring the angry black woman was labeled stereotypical. The pug featured in the Doritos commercial was adorable, but the actual commercial — eh.

Chrysler's ad featuring Eminem has been hailed as the best Super Bowl ad because of its hard-hitting reminder of the beauty of the City of Detroit, which is much maligned in media and pop culture. The ad takes viewers on a tour of the Motor City, focusing on the luxury and elegance that the city possesses, which co-exists with a strong working-class aesthetic and American pride. The ad is unapologetic, which resonated with viewers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Autometrics Inc., a company that tracks activity on more than 100 auto-related websites, found that that 131 people actually sought price quotes from dealers within 10 minutes of the ad's airing. By midnight it was up to 839. By comparison, Audi's commercial for the A8 generated 380 requests for quotes, Autometrics Chief Executive Stephen Shaw said. Check out the ad below and tell us if it moves you.

Read more about the buzz around the ad at the Wall Street Journal.

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