VIDEO: Coulter Dredges Up Dirt on Obama

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Sunday on Fox and Friends, Ann Coulter discussed her latest book and weighed in on the "mainstream media's" apparent obsession with GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. Of course, she couldn't resist getting in a dig at President Obama.


Coulter started things off by noting a recent article in the New Yorker that traced Bachmann's family back to the 1800s to determine whether they had, as she claimed, settled in Iowa way back when. Contrast this to the media's coverage of Barack Obama during his first campaign for President. Coulter notes that it was mostly positive and had nowhere near the same degree of obsessive vetting into his past or his claims.

She also made note of the ad recently taken out by a Ron Paul supporter in Texas, searching for women who may have had a sexual history with Texas governor Rick Perry. "Can we get the ad to find, you know, Obama's cocaine dealer now that he's two years into his presidency?"


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Now that we've settled the question of his citizenship, are we digging into history for salacious news about the president's past? Seems like it. Clearly, 2012 is on its way.

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