VIDEO: Cain on Tea Party Racism Allegations

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In a CNN appearance last week, Morgan Freeman discussed what he sees as the racist actions and motivations of the Tea Party:

"Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term," he said. "What underlines that? Screw the country. We're going to do whatever we do to get this black man, we can, we're going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here."


"It just shows the weak, dark underside of America. We're supposed to be better than that. We really are," he added. That's why all those people were in tears when Obama was elected president. Look at what we are, you know?"

After his surprise win in the Florida straw poll this weekend, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain responded, and not with the "They like me, so it's impossible for anyone in the group to be motivated by racism" retort you might expect. His newest response seems to be that the true nature of the Tea Party can't properly be conveyed by years of You Tube video, headlines, debate performances and stated policy positions. Instead, you have to actually meet up with them in person to get the nonracist message:

"Well, first of all, I doubt if Morgan Freeman, with all due respect, who is a great actor, has ever been to a Tea Party," said the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza. "Most of the people that are criticizing the Tea Parties … about having a racist element, they have never been to a Tea Party."

Was that an invitation? If it was, we're guessing Freeman might be busy.

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