KOMO Seattle
KOMO Seattle

You can’t make this stuff up.

Mediabistro reports that KOMO reporter Shomari Stone was on assignment near Seattle's waterfront when he noticed an altercation taking place nearby. One man (black) jumped on top of another (white) and began repeatedly punching him in the head. Jones (black) rushed in and tackled the assailant. He broke up the fight and a witness called for help. "Instinct just snapped in," Stone said.


According to police officers, the man Stone saved was possibly a white supremacist. The guys beating him up say on the video that he'd attempted a robbery. When the victim, who had arms covered in swastika tattoos, approached Stone to thank him, the reporter-rescuer had a piece of advice: "Remember to judge the man by his character and not the color of his skin." Talk about a teachable moment.

Read more at Mediabistro.

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