Victim of Anti-Gay Atlanta Beating to Speak Out


The victim of a brutal anti-gay beating outside of an Atlanta deli is planning to speak out, according to WSBTV. The victim, identified as 20-year-old Brandon White, was walking out of a deli with another man when he was brutally set upon by three attackers.

The video, which lasted 30 seconds, showed the attackers throwing a tire at the victim and shouting "No fag—ts in Jack City." The attackers are part of a gang called the Pittsburgh Jack City Gang.

A source told WSBTV that the attacker actually has a relationship with one of his attackers. "It will shock a lot of people. There are some relationships that are there, and he'll define what those relationships are," Greg Smith told WSBTV.


The FBI and Atlanta police are working to find the attackers and determine whether this crime fits the federal hate crime statute.

Openly gay Georgia politician Simone Bell said that she hopes this event forces the state to enact its own hate crime laws. "We need to be very strategic about it. We have a federal hate crimes law. We don't have one here in Georgia," Bell said.



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