Vagina Valuation: What Is Yours Worth?


Last week on Twitter, I saw a tweet from a young lady bragging about how she had the Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO apps on her phone, and she wasn’t paying for any of them. “Let me tell about this good pussy,” she crowed.

All I could think was, “Sis, that sounds like some Dollar Tree coochie at best.”

I have all of those apps, and I pay for them myself, and I think it comes to about $54 a month with the add-ons I have. Basic memberships on each come to about $40 a month, if that. That’s really some bargain box when you think about it. And honestly, how do you know your man is even paying for those apps? What if he is just sharing a password with you that he himself is borrowing? How good is the coochie now?


It honestly got me thinking, though: What, if any, value do you place on your vagina? Is there a dollar amount? Is it purely for love? What is yours worth to you, and how does that determine how you operate with it?

Back in the days when I believed in committed, monogamous relationships, the value I placed on mine was love. I shared myself with my partners because I loved them and they loved me, and it was an expression of how we felt for each other. Or so I thought.


Reflecting back on some of those relationships, I know for sure that some of those lovers felt that my vagina was a possession that belonged to them. The value they saw in it was the value of their ownership over it. Me equating it with love and viewing it as something that I reserved for them gave them cause to view it as something they could control. I’m so glad I grew out of that.

Now that I don’t operate in a monogamous space, I view things a lot differently.


I’ve said before that when it comes to being friends with benefits, the benefit in the equation for me is not the D. I want to know what else I am getting out of the deal before I get into it.


Like I said:

Penises are like buses. Another one will be here in 10 minutes or less. So what else you got? Are you handy around the house? Are you good with cars? Can you hook my friend up with illegal cable? Can you put in on some of these bills? Like, what do you have to offer besides what’s between your legs? I need answers. And real fucking benefits.


Undoubtedly, someone is going to hop in the comments or in my mentions on Twitter and try to flip this around on me, so let me just stop you right there: Dick is abundant, easy to get and not always good. You could say the same thing about pussy—and you would likely be correct—but the difference lies in me.

I know how good mine is, I’ve mastered the use of it and you are guaranteed a good time—so again, I want to know what’s in it for me.


There’s a reason that sugar daddies and sugar babies are still a thing. There are men out there who realize that the company of a good woman is worth something, and they are willing to compensate for that good company with dollars and gifts.

I’ve come in contact with men like this, and they have served to validate my belief that there is value in good P.


And before you try me, it’s not the same as prostitution—not that anything would be wrong with it if it were. The main difference is that these are men I know and whom I see regularly, and our relationships go beyond sex but don’t extend to commitment.

They understand that time is short, pussy is good and valuable, and if they want to secure their position, they have to be coming with more than just a lot of good talk and a swinging penis.


What else you got?

I’ve had bills paid—including rent—and received countless gifts. Sometimes it’s a matter of being able to call him and say, “Hey, I want XYZ,” and him providing it.


The point is, I know what mine is worth, and I ain’t afraid to ask for it. If I run across someone who is not willing to give it, then I know he’s not the one for me and I keep it pushing.

I’m not saying everyone has to place the same value on hers that I place on mine. I’m saying that mine is worth more than a monthly subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the HBO app.


It’s just like a salary negotiation at a job interview. People are only going to give you what you let them believe you are worth.

So consider your vagina valuation at all times. What is yours worth to you?

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