Va. School District Investigating Photos That Allegedly Show Students Wearing KKK Robe, Giving Nazi Salute

WVEC-TV screenshot

Photos circulating that allegedly show Virginia high school students throwing up the Nazi salute, including one wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe, have prompted an investigation by the school district.

Chesapeake Public Schools said that it was aware of the situation and is taking “appropriate action,” but declined to comment further on “individual student discipline,” according to WVEC-TV.  


Two photos were being circulated, with several people identifying the teens seen in the photo as Hickory High School students. One photo shared showed a pair of teens dressed up in costume. One of those “costumes” was a KKK robe. In the other photo, both teens can be seen with their hand extended in the Nazi salute.

“Happy Halloween fuckers,” the caption read.

Ah, Halloween. Can these racists not think of anything else more creative to do with their time? Racism isn’t a costume.


“It’s gonna be offensive to some people, as it should be. I wouldn’t want my kid to do that. I don’t think they should face any consequences; however, I think it was done in very poor taste,” Wendy Gonzalez told the news station.

“I think in this day and age, people don’t think of the consequences for their actions or how that might impact others around them or how others might interpret their actions,” Cedric West added.


Read more at WVEC-TV. 

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