Virginia University of Lynchburg students shown handcuffed as police officers stand over them.
Virginia University of Lynchburg students shown handcuffed as police officers stand over them.
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Four Virginia University of Lynchburg ...Wait, there is an actual place called Lynchburg and black people are there?


This story is over; the police did whatever the black kids said they did.

The place is called L-Y-N-C-H burg, which is obviously named after lynchings! I mean Virginia is in the damn South where lynchings ...


Genetta Adams, Managing Editor of The Root: Steve, relax...

Me: My name is Kunta.

Genetta: Huh?

Me: Nothing.

Genetta: Lynchburg isn’t named after lynchings although I see where you’re going with this, it’s named after John Lynch who started the first ferry service in the state.

Me: Yeah, well, who was John Lynch named after?

Genetta: What?

Me: Nothing

Four football playing college students at the Virginia University of Lynchburg (which is totally not named after lynchings but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that) were stopped by police because they exceeded the number of blacks allowed to be in one car in the town of Lynchburg.


According to ABC 13 News, the four football players were leaving an early morning workout when they were stopped by a police officer who was driving in the opposite direction. That’s right, somehow the officer, who was not racially profiling any of the students, made a U-turn after the students passed them to notice that they had a broken tail light.

Because of the influx of broken tail lights and the association of broken tail lights leading to murders, the officers reportedly had his gun drawn and asked all of the kids to get out of the car.


Video of the incident was initially posted to Facebook but has mysteriously disappeared.

“It was kind of alarming to watch, just to see that,” VUL football coach, Bobby Rome, who watched the incident unfold, told the news station.


“I seen the police officer approach. He asked everyone to put their hands on the dash and immediately he had his hand on his waist,” Rome said.

In the video, viewed by the news station, the officer explains that he’s pulled his gun because he smelled marijuana.


“The reason I reached for my gun is because I smelled marijuana,” the officer said. “The supreme court says guns and drugs go together.”


The students say the car was searched twice and police didn’t find any drugs, and in the end, they only received a ticket for the broken light.


“Those are my kids on the sidewalk,” Rome said. “They’re not criminals, gangsters, they’re not drug dealers. They’re not murderers. They’re here to get an education.”


The Lynchburg Police Department hasn’t released the officer’s names because they don’t want anyone to know who they are. They did note that they are investigating the incident, which includes withholding the officers’ name.

“Police officers are human also just like this young man on the sidewalk is human,” Rome said. “Things could go the opposite direction. Whether that’s him going to jail or being arrested, either one of things are detrimental to a young man.”


The university wants to hold a meeting with students to prevent the incident from happening again, but it seems like they should be talking to the police.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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