Va. Mother of 4, Reportedly Holding Fake Gun, Killed by Police

India Beaty
WSAV Screenshot
India Beaty
WSAV Screenshot

A 25-year-old Virginia woman was fatally shot by Norfolk police Saturday after she reportedly made a threatening move toward officers while holding what turned out to be a fake handgun.


According to the Associated Press, the Norfolk Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Division was conducting a surveillance when a fight broke out between India M. Beaty and an unarmed man. It is unclear whether Beaty or the man engaged in the altercation was under surveillance at the time, but police claim that Beaty brandished the fake gun and refused to comply with police demands.  

According to police officials, Beaty was making a threatening gesture while holding the fake gun when she was fatally shot. The mother of four was pronounced dead at the scene. Police then learned that the fake handgun was a nonfiring replica, AP reports.

Officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative duty until the investigation is complete. AP notes that police officials would not release the name or the race of the officer involved in the shooting.

"Any loss of life is tragic," Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith said in a statement viewed by AP. "This morning's events affect not only my officers and Ms. Beaty's family members but our entire community," he said.

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