Unseasoned Twitter Melts Down After the Cleveland Indians Decide to Get Rid of Its Racist-Ass Nickname

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Since establishing itself as a major league franchise in 1901, the Cleveland Indians have won a pair of World Series championships, 10 Central Division titles, and six American League pennants. But along the way, the team has infuriated plenty of people with its decision to perpetuate Indigenous stereotypes with its trash-ass logo and team nickname.


In July, the Washington Football Team was forced to ditch its old name after FedEx, PepsiCo, Nike, and other big-money sponsors got fed up with the racist bullshit, and now it appears that Cleveland will be following suit.

From the New York Times:

After years of protests from fans and Native American groups, the Cleveland Indians have decided to change their team name, moving away from a moniker that has long been criticized as racist, three people familiar with the decision said Sunday.

Cleveland could announce its plans as soon as this week, according to the three people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

As the Washington Football Team has learned, transitioning into a new name is a lot of damn work. New trademarks and copyrights must be filed, as well as uniforms, stadium signage, team equipment, merchandise, and other logistical considerations also come into play. But if they never had a racist-ass nickname in the first place, none of the above would even be a problem. Sooooooo I’m a little short on sympathy.

According to the Times, Cleveland expects to retain its Indians name and uniforms during the 2021 season and hopes to have changes in place by 2022—if not sooner. This appears to be a natural extension of the team’s decision to phase out the logos and imagery of its mascot, Chief Wahoo, and is drawing plenty of reactions on social media—particularly from baseball fans who prefer their meals devoid of adequate seasoning.


Mind you, these are the same assholes who claim Black Entertainment Television is racist, but you knew that already.


Cleveland has yet to address this matter, but expect to hear something from the team in the next few days.

Your move, Atlanta Braves.

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