Unique Views Podcast, Episode 22: Black or Ish? The Allen Maldonado Edition


There is a running joke on the Unique Views podcast that I, Stephen A. Crockett Jr., have agreed to work with Danielle Young, aka Miss Patti LaDanielle, aka Ms. Patti Patti, knowing that she served time in a small prison in Iowa. I've also claimed that I work with her because it shows unity and togetherness.

None of this is true. There was no jail and there is definitely no togetherness on our show, but it doesn't stop me from telling guests that Ms. Patti Patti is doing the podcast as part of her work-release agreement with the state. It's low of me, but, well, when they go low, I go lower.


Also, it's part of the magic of our broadcast. Danielle loves to try to stump me, like the time she told Donald Faison that … well, you have to go back and listen to that episode, but let's just say I was speechless. The point is that saying Ms. LaDanielle is an ex-felon never gets old.

Also, she did liturgical dance. See liturgical dance video below:

I know, I know. It's awesome.

And I brought up both work release and liturgical dance when we talked to actor Allen Maldonado, who chatted with us about everything from beating up Ice Cube in Friday After Next to his work on television, including Black-ish and You’re the Worst, to even his early days on The Young and the Restless. 

Allen's new project is an app called Everybody Digital, a digital short-media player that allows filmmakers, actors and screenwriters to upload their work and have it seen by all. The idea is that it's a large venue for small artists to have their work consumed by the masses.

We are all for this, and maybe once the app blows up, it can sponsor the podcast.

Danielle thinks this is begging; I'm just saying, "Why can't we dream with you, Allen?"

Listen below:


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