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On Tuesday the world as we knew it changed. The orange-tanned man, with the viciously thin comb-over, became the president-elect. On Wednesday it rained, proving that even God wasn't cool with this.

Are we in for it? Of course we are. During his candidacy, Donald Trump offended everyone who wasn't a white male, and somehow he still won. I don't think America underestimated Trump; I think America underestimated America. We underestimated the level of hatred that white Americans have for nonwhites. We underestimated the urgency of that hate. We underestimated all of it, and now, this is where we are.


This episode is a moment of reflection on all that we've lost. Are we crying in our beers? Of course we are. Patti LaDanielle (aka The Root’s social-content producer, Danielle Young) prides herself on her fashion-forward colorful ensembles, and the day after Trump was declared the president-elect, she was dressed all in black. She said she was mourning, and we all are.

Know this: We will be here for all of it—the good, the bad and the orange-tanned skin. But right now, this episode is a Trump-filled depression, a reflection on loss and a look at how Van Jones can turn it all around.

We're rooting for you, Van!

Van Jones for 2020!

Van Jones in 2009
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You heard it here first.

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Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is a senior editor at The Root. Follow him on Twitter.

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