Unique Views, Episode 44: White Slavery and America’s White Lies

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White slavery. The phrase and even the idea of it sounds funny, but this episode of The Root’s podcast, Unique Views—soon to be called The Haters—is serious.


A Handmaid’s Tale, on Hulu, looks at what would happen if, in a futuristic world, women, mostly white women, became indentured servants. Of course, my co-host, The Root’s creative producer, Danielle Young, aka Ms. Patti Patti LaDanielle, has a lot to say about this. She wasn’t feeling the show and had me watch, and I know that this doesn’t happen often, but I have to agree with her. It’s weird reading the think pieces and hearing the scuttlebutt surrounding this tale of white women as slaves in a futuristic society, when, I don’t know, black people actually were slaves! But if it increases white guilt to the point of reparations, then I’m all for it.

For some reason, as if the world weren’t chaotic and depressing enough, Ms. Patti Patti binge-watched Underground. Thankfully she made it through, but she discusses why bingeing a show centered on slavery wasn’t such a great idea—and no, that isn’t a diss of John Legend’s horrible Frederick Douglass wig.

Also, and we can’t state this enough, but we are currently hating on LaVar Ball’s overreaching-dance-mom ass, and we re-enact the moment when Katy Perry’s manager thought it was a good idea to lead Perry to blackness by way of Migos.

On a serious note, we also discuss the overarching white supremacy coming from the White House and how this administration has to acknowledge its own responsibility in the cases of Ramad Chatman, a 24-year-old man who was found not guilty and yet is still serving a seven-year prison sentence; and Richard Collins III, the black college student who was stabbed by apparent white supremacist Sean Urbanski.

And last but not least, we give actor-model-rapper-spiritual guru Tyrese a hard time. And while his acting leaves everything to be desired, I think we can all learn something from his spiritual and uplifting Instagram posts. While Tyrese is as deep as a baby pool, he does make some really compelling points. I won’t spoil them for you, but Ms. Patti Patti LaDanielle goes into a rousing rendition of “The Gospel According to Tyrese.”

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