Unique Views, Episode 43: Frederick Douglass Would've Never Worn a Romphim

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It’s episode 43, so you know what that means. It means it’s the 43rd installment of your favorite podcast’s, favorite podcast and we are back at it like a crack habit. I’m truly the only person that matters in this podcast, Stephen A. Crockett Jr the third, and because of a court order I’m forced to work with my co-host Danielle Young aka Ms. Patti LaDanielle and together we make up Unique Views, which will soon be named The Haters, and I wonder why? No I don’t. It’s because we love you, but we hate each other.


First and foremost, I can’t say this enough, but man do we hate some Tyrese! It’s not because he’s a mediocre actor with less acting skills than Keanu Reeves, or because he hasn’t had a hit since he was singing on that bus in the Coke commercial. Oh no my friends, we hate Tyrese for a myriad of reasons that include and are not limited to, his insistence on being a damn Instagram preacher.

As such, Ms. Patti Patti has now created a segment called, “The Gospel according to Tyrese” in which we will site his social media posts as scripture and offer listeners a word for their day. We also discuss hip hop fashion (think Lil Uzi Vert dressed like Lil Mama’s young aunt) and Tyrese’s alter ego, “Black Ty.” Seriously how can you not hate this fucking guy?

We also discuss the summer’s newest fashion trend, yes, the romp-him and I explain why Fredrick Douglass couldn’t and wouldn’t wear it. Somehow, we get into Oprah’s acting and the fact that Ms. Patti Patti keeps a spare pair of underwear in her purse because you never know when you are going to pee on yourself trying to take off your romper.

I know...I know...I told you that it’s court order so I have to put up with her. Nevertheless, enjoy!

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