Unique Views, Episode 41: Say It Ain’t So, Jesse Williams

 Francois Durand/Getty Image
Francois Durand/Getty Image

Unique Views didn’t have a guest this week, so we decided that we would force our most committed listeners (read: our moms) to listen to everything we hate. Sure, we are rebranding the podcast and have seen ourselves in comic book form (and let me just say that I have the broadest shoulders and the most delicate fingers as a cartoon). And sure, Patti LaDanielle looks slim or whatever, but this isn’t about her. Nor is about the goodness that is on the horizon.


This is about hate and weirdness, but really more about hate.

Ms. Patti Patti delves into interviews she’s hated and all the behind-the-scenes shit that goes on as she tries to bring you guys the most exciting and energetic on-air interviews she can, only to meet up with a guest like Djimon Hounsou, aka Mr. Kimora Lee Simmons. I won’t spoil it for you, but Danielle interviewed him this week and it got really weird really fast.

I dared to wade into the murky waters that are Jesse Williams and his “We love you all black women” bit ... but, as Kanye says, “when you get on, they leave your ass for a white girl.” It was tough, but we got through it. Mostly, Danielle got emotional over Williams leaving his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, only to be seen in the thin white arms of Minka Kelly.

Once we exhaust our sadness over Williams, we talk about how much people get paid for social media, other black men of excellence who left black women for nonblack women, Drake’s pregnancy trap and Ja Rule’s epic fail: the Fyre Festival.

We hate everything this week except y’all. We love y’all and that’s the truth. Except I lie a lot, sometimes.

You can listen to it all unfold here:


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