Unique Views, Episode 38: Where Do You Even Go to Buy a Prison, Damian Marley?!

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Stephen A. Crockett Jr. and I finally did something we never do: No, we didn’t get along. We’ll never do that. We did a minisode of our podcast! Every week, when I grow weary of Stephen’s voice and personality, I say, “Ugh, let’s just make this a minisode so that we can just get in and out, please?” After which, Stephen and I proceed to talk for an hour and we vow to try again next time.


Well, we did it this time, and we even had an iconic interview to serve up right along with it! The old ball and chain and I got a chance to chat with Damian Marley, aka Jr. Gong, aka Gongzilla, aka Gong With the Wind—OK, so the latter is something Stephen and I made up, but Marley laughed, so we think he likes it!

Move over, Dos Equis guy—Damian Marley has now been crowned the most interesting man in the world. He’s not only a musical savant and an always-working performer, but also a philanthropist after my own heart. Bob Marley’s baby boy (Damian is his youngest child), along with business partner Ocean Grown Extracts, bought a California prison to convert it into a marijuana farm. How poetic, right?

Being the Ms. Patti Patti that I am, I asked where would you even go to buy a prison?! When we weren’t talking about buying prisons, I Googled his net worth and asked about his 4/20 plans and what celebrity he smokes with; and Stephen tried to keep it professional and asked about his music and whether society has the wrong idea about weed.

Listen to the minisode here:

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