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Every week I learn something new about my co-host, Patti LaDanielle, aka Danielle Young, and this week I learned that she loves Lil Zane more than Lil Bow Wow. According to Ms. Patti Patti, Lil Bow Wow’s music career regressed as he got older, and Lil Zane never hurt anyone.

Let me back up a bit. The awesome black horror thriller Get Out hits theaters Friday, and we got a chance to talk with one of the stars of the film, Lil Rel, whose real name is Milton Howery.


I, Stephen A. Crockett Jr. (3rd), figured I was going to catch Lil Rel in a scandal, since most Lils in the African-American community are Lils because they are named after their father, or they’re short and therefore a little version of their grown name. I sprang this on Lil Rel and got shot down quick-fast with a pretty solid explanation. Anyway, we had Lil Rel play a game in which he had to eliminate one of the Lils, like Lil’ Kim or Lil Wayne.

Somehow, Ms. Patti Patti decided all this was a moment to confess her teen love for Lil Zane. In case you forgot who Lil Zane is, here is a photo of him in 2008.

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

And here is a video of him rapping a song called “None Tonight”:

Yep, that guy. Danielle loves him.

Anyway, in episode 32 of The Root’s podcast, in the spirit of Get Out, Ms. Patti Patti and I discuss racial microaggressions and how they affect aspects of daily life. We also get Lil Rel to “lose a Lil” and talk about all the footwork he put into becoming a breakout star in the film.


Sidenote: We have some exciting changes on the horizon, but fear not, loyal listeners—despite my best efforts to get Ms. Patti Patti off the show, we will both still be here, but we may look a little fresher, is all I’m saying. We love y’all, so love us back.

Listen here:


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