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‘Unapologetic’ White Nationalist Podcast Host and Middle School Teacher Resigns

Crystal River (Fla.) Middle School social studies teacher Dayanna Volitich
Crystal River (Fla.) Middle School social studies teacher Dayanna Volitich
Photo: Crystal River Middle School

Nearly a month after HuffPost first outed Florida middle school teacher Dayanna Volitich as the host of a white supremacist podcast, Unapologetic, Volitich has submitted her resignation.


The Citrus County School District removed Volitich from her classroom on March 2, reports the Citrus County Chronicle, as the district investigated claims that Volitich had moonlighted as “Tiana Dalichov,” whose podcast and Twitter account (since deleted, though HuffPost supplied screenshots) regularly spewed racist and anti-Semitic views consistent with white nationalism.


Volitich, who taught social studies at Crystal River Middle School, confirmed that she was the podcast host, but claimed that the persona was just a “hobby” and that the views she espoused were “political satire and exaggeration.” The 25-year-old teacher also insisted that she didn’t inject her political beliefs into her classroom, even though she repeatedly mentioned doing so on her podcast.

For the record, here’s a sample of Volitich’s particular brand of “satire,” directly from her podcast (via the Citrus County Chronicle):

In one episode, her guest Brian Hendrix opines: “I don’t like racists either, even though probably in the most technical sense of the word you could probably say I’m racist because I do believe that some races of people are inferior and superior—in certain ways. I would never say black people are, you know, crap people, they’re inferior at everything, but there are certain things certain races can do better. Asians are way better at math in the aggregate than white people … and white people build cultures better than Asian people or black people … and we can view it all throughout history.”

To this Volitich responds: “I think I would align myself similarly to your sentiment there. Like, I would pretty much say, yeah, OK, if believing that certain races specialize in certain things makes me racist then I guess that’s what I am, because I do share your sentiment there. Everything you’ve said, like, meshes perfectly with what, you know, I’m kind of thinking on the inside here.”

As CNN reports, Volitich’s resignation will be final once the Citrus County School Board formally accepts it. Assistant Superintendent Mike Mullen announced Monday through an emailed statement that the district had received her resignation and that approval of it is on the agenda at the April 10 school board meeting.

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Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

Resign? Resign?! How the entire fuck was she not fired?