Michael Brea (Facebook)

Haitian-American actor Michael Brea, who once had a brief role on Ugly Betty, was arrested early this morning on suspicion that he murdered his mother in her Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment with a three-foot sword. Police were called to the scene by neighbors and knocked on the door several times before they busted into the locked apartment. Police say they found Brea in a bedroom "babbling about religion and repentance" and his mother, Yannick, in the bathroom with fatal head wounds. According to the New York Daily News, some of Yannick Brea's neighbors suggested that if the police had gone into the apartment sooner, the woman would not have been killed.

"Something happened that made him do it," Brea's uncle Martial Brea told the Daily News. "The devil entered him."

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Lauren is a former Deputy Editor of The Root.